Happiness is like jam…

‘Happiness is like jam because you can’t spread it, even little, without getting some on yourself’.

And what if we speak about aether’s boutique jams?

I still remember the period of planning aether’s breakfast menu…the condition was certain. Breakfast should be greek, homemade and based on local products mainly from Mykonos and Cyclades.

As a traveller myself too, type and quality of jams are the first things i notice during my breakfast, butter quality as well, since these two go together!

Recalling my breakfast memories in several hotels around the world, we all agreed that aether’s jams should be strictly homemade. From the very first season, going back at 2013, began a tradition to prepare our own jams. Now after a decade we could say that breakfast at aether is well known not only for the little olive breads but for the flavoured jams as well.

Seasonal fruits combined with spices, herbs and nuts, tastes like heaven!

On february, the sweet and juicy oranges are ready to be mixed with an infusion of early grey tea.

March and strawberries at it’s best, and we could say that is by far your favourite jam. At the end of cooking i don’t forget a pinch of black pepper and some fresh mint leaves to add.

June, July, August and Greek land gives us generously a variety of fruits. Peaches, apricots, nectarins and figs. The black small figs that grow in Mykonos and we combine with orange and walnuts, so delicious!

Very often, you ask me for the recipes, and my answer always is the name of the one and only Christine Ferber.

I feel so lucky when years ago, accidentaly came in my hands a magazine including an article about her.

The title was ‘the queen of jams’ and from that day she bacame my teacher to whom i own the most wonderful comments from our special guests.

This summer we serve #breakfastataether here in Mykonos and jams is definetly one of the reasons to stay with us.

always with love,


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