Our Diary


A welcome to remember…the recipe

It’s already a tradition in Aether to welcome you with local handmade delights…But there is also a liqueur that we use to prepare all these years and the taste is unforgettable…a sweet fine flowerless taste… Very often you ask me for the recipe…It is super easy as the only ingredient you need is a plant in your garden (alternatively, you could find in a flower market- or you could ask a friend of ...

Aether is….

What a beautiful thing to communicate with all of you through our blog here in Aether’s website. Something new, that I wanted so much and now comes true… I was wondering which will be the issue of my first writing…and then I decided to speak about…Aether… During these amazing 8 years of running our small hotel I remember numerous times in our reception where our beloved guests were asking me...