Our Diary


Mastiha the gem of Greece

If I was asked what the main characteristics of my country are, I would definitely say the white and blue colours, but above all the unique flavours, such as of mastiha. As far as I remember myself, one of my most pleasant moments in my childhood was when I tasted mastiha in a piece of cake, in a meal, or even in a chewing gum. Thus, in Aether boutique, I always make sure that my guests are giv...

‘Chorio means tradition, home, family’

One of my pleasures is to get out of the house, any time in the day or night, and drive away with good music, a good company (Athanassios is always a good idea) and definitely without having a destination in mind. Since I moved to Mykonos these long rides—as Mykonos is a small island*— constitute a pleasant journey for me, an oasis of beauty. I absolutely prefer rides in daylight, enjoying t...

‘a cup of Greek coffee, please’

'Athina, what kind of coffee is Greek?' A typical question i hear in Ariston, our eatery inside our small hotel, every summer, during breakfast time. After this first try of a Greek coffee, not only does it become your first preference, but you also choose to enjoy it in a big cup. Let's take it from the beginning.... Greek Coffee is the same grind setting as Turkish, Armenian or Cypri...

The beauty of almond

Whose eyes have not been enchanted with the beauty of a blossomed almond tree? Those little rosy petals rejuvenate us after a long, deep winter sleep. It has always been a surprise for me to come across an almond tree but this year was almost like a need especially because of the pandemic and the affects. Driving from home to the village of Ano Mera to pick up my daughter from school, i was cap...

Noir et Blanc

As far as I remember myself in my childhood, I could not resist to the charm of old, black- and- white photos—most of them came from my mother’s younger years—during my visits to my grandmother’s home. I am sure that each of us has been captivated by the magical atmosphere that these photos exude. It’s not only the portraits but also the land that these photos depict. Our land, our roots. Ha...
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Lemon Cake – our recipe

It has been 13 years since i moved to Mykonos. Throughout those years, i have become a fun of lemon trees. The reason behind this is because is common for locals in Mykonos to have their own lemon trees in their homes. Mykonos is a rocky island with a shortage of water and there are not many opporunities for cultivation. Therefore, the locals plant their own trees, always protected from the strong...

Olive breads' recipe

‘’the olive bread was to die for’’ something that I hear very often in our small ‘’eatery ‘Ariston during breakfast time or when I am honored to read in your precious reviews how much you liked them. Yes, these are the olive breads… i couldn’t imagine the number of breads I was able to bake when years ago my grandmother gave me an old paper with a recipe…the recipe was treasured in her personal...

A welcome to remember…the recipe

It’s already a tradition in Aether to welcome you with local handmade delights…But there is also a liqueur that we use to prepare all these years and the taste is unforgettable…a sweet fine flowerless taste… Very often you ask me for the recipe…It is super easy as the only ingredient you need is a plant in your garden (alternatively, you could find in a flower market- or you could ask a friend of ...

Aether is….

What a beautiful thing to communicate with all of you through our blog here in Aether’s website. Something new, that I wanted so much and now comes true… I was wondering which will be the issue of my first writing…and then I decided to speak about…Aether… During these amazing 8 years of running our small hotel I remember numerous times in our reception where our beloved guests were asking me...