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Happiness is like jam…

<em>'Happiness is like jam because you can't spread it, even little, without getting some on yourself'.</em> And what if we speak about <strong>aether's</strong><strong style="background-color: var(--bs-body-bg); color: var(--bs-body-color); font-family: var(--bs-body-font-family); font-size: var(--bs-body-font-size); text-align: var(--bs-body-text-align);"> boutique</strong><span style="backgr...
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A morning walk to remember

No doubt that <strong>Mykonos</strong> island, years now, is one of the most famous and touristic destinations all over the world.  This does not always mean that visitors receive a low quality experience during their visit. <div>Guests of <strong>Aether Boutique</strong> could confirm it, since from the very first welcome, we share tips and advice for receiving a truly <strong>mykonian</strong> ...

The sea salt hunt

Have you ever thought about a place that you love or even you were born in or you visit every year, that maybe there are areas that you have never seen before? This happened to me and maybe to Athanasios, according to his words, when he gave me a small jar full of sea salt and he mentioned that was collected from his uncle in a quiet beach located on the east side of <strong>Mykonos</strong> ca...

May in Mykonos

It happens also to you, when you think about replacing your mobile, going back immidiately to all your saved photos? As i am not a person who likes changes, this is something i face last few days since i have to replace my phone with a new one (after four years of using the same one!!) So many photos...taken in <strong>Mykonos</strong>, in <strong>Aether boutique</strong>, lovely memories wi...
Christmas berad 5

Greek Christmas bread, an ode to bread

Christmas bread is a tradition coming from the past, centuries ago, and we can find a variety of types since the shape and the recipe depends to the area is coming from. Telling the truth, until i moved to Mykonos i had no idea about Christmas bread since in Thessaloniki, my homecity, is not well known. During my first Christmas holidays in Mykonos, on Christmas Eve morning, Athanasios broug...
apple pie 4

Days before Christmas in a market, staring at the apples.

It's a long time from my last writing here and i have to admit i missed so much this type of communication with you. A move from Mykonos to my homecity Thessaloniki for spending the winter time, a new home, new schools for the girls and somehow time passed so quickly... And now, just a few days before Christmas and i realised that baking was the secret of keeping me happily occupied all thes...

The loom

<span style="font-weight: 400;">It was an afternoon in March when a good friend of mine called me on the phone and asked if I was interested in taking a ... loom lesson!</span> <span style="font-weight: 400;">I had no idea what sewing, weaving and ... the loom was to the point that i was not interested in any of those activities whatsoever. Thus, it was expected that I would refuse to join the ...

A lighthouse called Armenistis

Once upon a time there was a <strong>lighthouse</strong> called Armenistis. The truth is that usually the lighthouses in my mind are combined with a sense of melancholy...It is perhaps because of the solitary and usually remote location. Or maybe that in most movies are accompanied by sad stories and nostalgic notes...who knows... I have come across a few lighthouses so far, mainly on our trips to...

Winter in Mykonos

<span style="font-weight: 400;">January and the message was received ... the heart of winter ... cold days and long frosty nights ... even here on the island of <strong>Mykonos</strong> ...</span> <span style="font-weight: 400;">Always adopting an optimistic mindset as spring approaches, this month invites us to make new plans and sort out things and situations.. this kind of sorting out brings...
greek honey cookies

Melomakarona, the taste of Christmas

The birth of Jesus Christ, the Christmas manger, the Christmas tree, the school events, the angels, the three wise men obviously attracted the most attention, but above all the sweet anticipation of Santa Claus. When does he visit your home? On Christmas or New Year’s Eve? And all these ‘were sprinkled’ with plenty of icing sugar, honey and walnuts in every bite of the most traditional Greek Ch...

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