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A morning walk to remember

No doubt that Mykonos island, years now, is one of the most famous and touristic destinations all over the world.  This does not always mean that visitors receive a low quality experience during their visit.

Guests of Aether Boutique could confirm it, since from the very first welcome, we share tips and advice for receiving a truly mykonian experience.
We could not leave outside the most simple and easy way to deep in the authentic Mykonos, my Mykonos as we are used to say. Best way to explore a new place is definitely by foot.  Which would be though the best time of the day to try especially in Mykonos island? Of course, early morning… and yes, we totally agree that this could be a joke in a famous island for nightlife…
Around 7:00 am and as the sun rises in the blue sky and the mykonian breeze gives you the energy to take the road down from Aether to the centre (much safer since there is no traffic and chaos of cars) the amazing views will compensate you for leaving too early the fresh white bed sheets in Aether’s bedroom.
All the roads will guide you in one specific place, the old port inside Chora called ‘yalos’, where the first signs of life take place every morning.
Firstly, the fishermen, the insiders of the island and Aegean sea, the Mykonians. Every morning there, like a ritual…
the picture of them always brings me back, to my very first visit on the island.
And of course, the fish market stand, all made of marble, like a piece of art.
Same for the farmers, standing in front of the fish market, exposing all the Mykonian goodies. Groceries mostly, so delicious, and the most charming bouquet flowers.
The silence of the time in combination with the light of the early morning make the moment so special.
With a colorful bouquet of mykonian flowers in your hands, take the road back, choosing to explore some of the little narrows. So different this time. So quite, without the bustle of tourists, take the advantage to notice the architectural gem of Mykonos.
A part of this, definitely is the bakery of Gioras. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the oldest bakery in Cyclades islands that somehow is a kind of museum.
Meantime, your table is getting ready at Aether’s, for the loveliest greek breakfast… hurry up please!
always for you,
**photos taken by Vasilis Adamopoulos

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