March 30, 2020

Aether is….

What a beautiful thing to communicate with all of you through our blog here in Aether’s website. Something new, that I wanted so much and now comes true…

I was wondering which will be the issue of my first writing…and then I decided to speak about…Aether…

During these amazing 8 years of running our small hotel I remember numerous times in our reception where our beloved guests were asking me: ‘’Athina, what means Aether?’’

So, is a great opportunity to give you some information…

We find the word Aether mainly in readings of Greek Mythology. According to Mythology, Aether was the goodhood born from the Night and Erevous. Aether was connected with happiness in contrast to his parents who were connected with unhappiness.

According to some ancient theories Aether and Day gave birth to the Sea.

Other ancient theories believe that world was made from fire, air, water, land and Aether. All the elements were referring to human’s world while Aether was referring to the sky, to the planets and the stars.

For this reason, Aether believed as something so special since ideal world was made from, and of course was the home of 12gods.

I hope I didn’t confuse you…

All in all, according to Mythologie Aether means special, means happiness, all these that we wish you to find every time you visit our small hotel.

Always for you,


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