The sea salt hunt

Have you ever thought about a place that you love or even you were born in or you visit every year, that maybe there are areas that you have never seen before?

This happened to me and maybe to Athanasios, according to his words, when he gave me a small jar full of sea salt and he mentioned that was collected from his uncle in a quiet beach located on the east side of Mykonos called Tigani. He had no idea that on the rocks of this beach someone can find crystal white sea salt.

*incredible how visible is the salt on the rocks on this photo

I took advantage of this special salt and I thought why not add it in a bitter chocolate cake? and yes the salt did his job very well and the cake beacame one of your favourite and we end to bake many of it for our guests in the Ariston kitchen in Aether Boutique.

As the jar with the salt was almost emtpy very soon i have to admit, Athanasios promised to supply Ariston with more of mykonian sea salt. Spring time, end of May if i don’t mistake and one morning, quite early he followed the ‘hunter’ uncle to his secret paradise.


And we were so lucky to host those days our photographer Vasilis who was more than eager to follow and capture with his camera all the procedure.


I am not able to describe the feelings of the experience since i didn’t follow but looking at the photos i felt once more so blessed i live in Mykonos.

My Mykonos, my love…so different in every aspect, so welcoming to everyone.

More than happy to share with you the photos from a special morning.

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