Tinos island and….honey

Looking at the view from Ariston every morning, where the blue of the Aegean always enchants, one can see a hill that looms
without being able to distinguish* whether it belongs to Mykonos or another island.This island is called Tinos and is located a stone’s throw away from Mykonos (about 15 minutes by boat).

An island familiar to us Greeks and more broadly to the Orthodox all over the world, since it dominates the church of Panagia Megalochari of
Tinos, also known as θαυματουργή.
For years, Tinos was a religious destination, especially during the summer months where the celebrations take place in the
sanctuary (August 15).

At the same time, however, there was a strong activity on behalf of the islanders, mainly in the agricultural and
artistic sector. A combination that over the years began to attract even more visitors since the agricultural sector contributed to
the gastronomy of the island. But also, the school of marble sculpture (the presence of marble is very
strong throughout the island), which operates for years on the island, is an attraction for visitors .

(so strong the presence of marble inside Chora of Tinos. Last photo: the museum of mr Halepas one of the greatest Greek marble sculptors- located in Pyrgos village)

During our last visit to Tinos we visited the Museum of Marble, which was founded in recent years and is located in the village
of Pyrgos. An excellent, warm place, with coherence in the information, easily comprehended by children, as well as, with very
beautiful exhibits. If you are on the island, a visit is really worth it.

And if we wanted to refer more specifically to agricultural production, what should I think of first? The wild artichoke, the sun-
dried tomatoes, the famous Νήσος beer, and of course the honey …. from wild thyme of the island.

(Joanna in the central market to the port where you can find goodies all coming from local producers. It’s always our first stop during our visits in Tinos).

It was ten years ago, while trying different types of Cycladic honey, I happened to open a jar of Tinian thyme, called Elixir. I still
remember the smell of thyme opening the lid, its delicate fluid texture like velvet, its golden colour and of course its fine taste.
It was not quite long ago, when one of our favourite guests called it golden honey!

All credits of course to the producer, Michalis, a genuine Tinian with love for his place, hard work, dedication, respect for the
bee (after all, the bee gives life to everything) and above all, top quality.
Ioanna often asked me what the beehives are like … Michalis could not say no and took the girls to the beehives where they
saw thousands of bees working constantly in their ‘little houses’ called in greek ‘melissia’.


I always had honey combined with hot bread smeared with butter.
And after the yogurt with honey … your favourite … I do not even remember how many small bowls I have served ten years now
at Aether.
But the taste that always stands out, for me, is the combination of savory with honey! Have you ever tried it?
I will share with you, one of my favourite recipes, Greek, traditional, easy and so delicious!
Fried bread with feta, sesame and honey!

Recipe Cheese breads filled with feta cheese.


  • 300gr water room temperature
  • 10gr dry yest
  • 500gr flour for all purposes
  • 1tbs vinegar
  • 2tbs olive oil
  • salt and pepper

For the filling 300gr feta cheese with pepper and herb (dried or fresh of your choice).

  • Beat all the ingredients for the dough in the electric mixer for 5minutes around. Leave the dough to rest in a warm place to rise up. When is ready, separate in 10 small balls (photo). Shape the dough with the rolling pin in medium thickness, place some of the filling (feta cheese) in the centre and close as an envelope in square shape approximately. Place a pan to the heat, fill with corn or sunflower oil (i prefer the corn, is so crispy the result) and fry. Serve with honey and sesame on top. So, so yummy!


**You can find Elixir honey in a jar of 200gr at Ariston here in Aether.

Always for you,


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